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Memoirs Of A Mesmerized Visitor

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Mga Pinalanggang Kasimanwa nako,


Gusto nakong ipabasa sa inro ka usang suyat nak ako nabaton halin sa ako amigo ag kumpadre, kaibhanan nako sida rile sa trabaho sa Riyadh. Ingnunot nako sida kag bakasyon sa Simara it katong Abril 2002, pero waya sida nakaabot it pista. Miskan kali ay personal nak suyat sa ako pamilya, pay buko ra guihapon dahil ka ida mensahe ay para sa atong tanan nak Simaranhon.


Please take some time to read Jun Sarmiento's unedited letter to Yap and Buncalan family, narrating his unforgettable memories of Simara. You can find our photos in "Sojourn" of this site.


Mabuhay ka tanang Simaranhon!


Randy Jose Yap



5th May 2002


Dear Daddy Ed, Mommy Luds, Jun, Ivan, Erick & Jayvee, Kuya Pope, Randy & Lani, Yoi & Ole,


I hope you all had an easy ride home.


Now that Iím back here in Riyadh, I can only indulge myself in recalling my very enjoyable and unforgettable stay in Simara. Short as it was, youíve made my vacation distinctly fulfilling. I can still smell the fresh sea breeze, recall the warmth welcoming smiles of the many folks whom I had the honor of being introduced to, and taste the sumptuous food and delicacies of the island. Iím sure these happy memories will linger for a longer while as I really had a great time. For this, Iím most grateful to all of you Ė please accept my humble thanks, hoping that Iíll be able to reciprocate all your kindness in some ways.

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Through Our Lens And Senses!

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by Ambring and Mila Fajiculay-Fruelda
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We had been to Simara recently due to the demise of Manong Arol last January 16, 2007. The cause of our trip was melancholy, the preparation made possible through family collective efforts was in a hurry, and the stop-over at Seoul, South Korea seemed eternity due to the desire to reach Simara quickly.


Upon reaching the Philippines, the atmosphere gradually changed due to mitigating circumstances. After clearing with Customs and the Immigration, we went in a hurry to claim our luggage. We could not find any and the rotating belt was clear; after a while, a gentleman approached us and after knowing who we were, told us that our luggage were all on a cart waiting for us, courtesy of Ely Advincula. What a relief! At the waiting area far down a ramp, the group of Phine Fajilago with a van had been waiting for us too!

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A Simara Story

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A Simara Story
My First Impressions of Family and Community in Simara

by Nota Fampo Magno


I was introduced into the island municipality by one simple introduction, ďApo siya ni Paco.Ē After these words were uttered, I found myself invited to different houses, quite like how ďopen sesameĒ worked for Ali Baba. I also found myself related to almost everyone I met.


Not much is known to me about Lolo Paco. He left Simara in his early years and married in Batangas, where my mother was born and grew up. I was born in Manila a month after he died. And so all the warm welcome brought about by the words ďApo siya ni PacoĒ felt a little strange for me. First, I didnít even know my own grandfather except by way of stories. Secondly, I didnít know any of his relatives there. My mother has never been to Simara and she was too young to remember those of her fatherís kin who were able to visit them in Batangas.

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Memories Of Simara

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by Minnie Festin Navato
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It's been 50 years since I last visited Simara. It had no running water or electricity back then. I wonder how it is now.


I remember we used to get our water with 10-gallon balde (large empty kerosene containers) from the town artesian well. The pails were hung at the end of a bamboo stick and laid over the shoulder. Chattering women would do laundry around the artesian well. Sometimes, we collected water from the rain. When it rained, we would put the clay jars outside the house. The water we drank came from these clay jars. I thought the water from the large jar that we showered in had wriggling mosquito larvae. We scooped the water with ďtabo,Ē a hallowed, half coconut shell with its meat removed and poured it on our body. We took baths in a separate nipa hut in the garden. The elevated floor was made of bamboo slats. Underneath the floor was the ground with large pebbles. The hut only had 3 complete walls. The 4th wall had a large opening which was covered with a curtain. Some of us would answer the call of nature in the garden during the day and in the orinola (chamber pot) at night. Sometimes, we ran across the town plaza to the isolated beach outhouse of the elementary school near our house. Even as a kid, I wondered where the grown-ups went for their necessities.

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A Glimpse...!

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A Glimpse At History
In Relation To


by: Ambring F. Fruelda
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History is objective; its actual occurrence is the real thing; falsity is subjective caused by human factors.


It is of common knowledge that long before the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan and his men in what is now the Philippines, the archipelago has been inhabited by Aetas (called Negritoes by the Spaniards due to their black color and small built), Indonesians, Malays, Arabs, Chinese, Indians, Japanese, and other races on a permanent basis, and as traders.

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