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My Simara Of Long Ago

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by Eleazar Mirasol Famorcan
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Even if my college economics teacher just mentioned it in passing, the matter-of-fact statement stuck to my mind like velcro. More like epoxy, I would now say.


She claimed we invent our needs.


Yes, invent was the word she used.


In other words, she said that we create our own necessities. We ourselves.


For instance, we used to get along without refrigerators. Then somebody salestalked us into believing we need them. Now millions of people buy refrigerators so that General Electric, among other manufacturers, can boast that if all the fridge units they are able to sell in a year were placed side by side, they would cover the span that connects Manila to Baguio. Hah!

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Parish Of Saint Joseph The Worker Corcuera

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In 1574, a vessel carrying white men with strange language and weapons docked at the shore of San Jose (Corcuera). They were the Spanish conquistadors. They won the allegiance of the natives with bloodless subjugation for the King and Queen of Spain. They made the island an encomienda or settlement under the Spanish encomiendero (administrator of the farms and ruler of the people). Years later, the encomienda was converted into barangay, the lowest political unit. Don Facundo Fondevilla was the latest Cabeza de Barangay in Simara.

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Blessed Leon

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by Minnie Festin Navato
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I am here to talk about my great-grandfather, Blessed Leon Inchausti, a successful man who made it to heaven.


Born June 28, 1859 in Ajanquiz, Vizcaya, Spain, he studied Philosophy & Sciences at Monteagudo, Navarre. After receiving his education, Blessed Leon sailed in the ship “Isla de Cebu” for more than a month and landed in Cebu, Philippines. He was ordained a priest in Cebu at age 25 after learning Cebuano. He then served in the parishes of Bohol and Romblon. I come from Romblon. Just before the Spanish-American war, he was transferred to Brazil. After 18 years in Brazil, he returned to Spain in 1915. But things had changed while he was gone. In 1936, the Spanish Civil War broke out and lasted 3-4 years. More than 7000 non-political Catholic priests and 283 nuns were executed by the Republicans out of hatred for the Catholic Church. Padre Leon, along with several other priests, did not abandon their churches and parishes and continued to celebrate Mass. Because of their disobedience, soldiers burned their monasteries and the priests were massacred by firing squad. Blessed Leon did not just endure suffering. He endured suffering that led to his death. Big, big difference!

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Plural Messages, Singular Meaning!

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Plural Messages, Singular Meaning!
by Anioneva Family


Five years ago this first day of January, our mother celebrated her 80th birthday! We feel good to rewind our recollection of that occasion, and slowly play the moments, sights and sounds surrounding the events on that wonderful evening. Friends, relatives, and family members came together with smiles on their faces and good feelings deep inside, despite hectic schedule and other occasions the days before.


This year marks the 85th birthday of our mother. We celebrate this significant occasion with relatives, friends and family members. Unique this time is the presentation of an album to Mamay as a gift. This album contains pictures of Mamay’s children, grandchildren and great grandchildren reflective of her family tree. Moreover, it includes greetings and messages of respective experiences concerning Mamay’s presence in our lives. The messages are presented in various ways, but the meaning is the same -- Mamay’s selfless devotion to her family.

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Atanacio Faminiano - The Formidable

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Atanacio Faminiano - The Formidable
by Danilo F. Fabiala


The name Atanacio Faminiano stands not to be forgotten in the political circles of this island. "Lolo Tana" as was fondly called by his townmates, was the first executive of this municipality. How he managed to successfully steer his way to political leadership is not a surprise to anyone who knew him and his life.


He was born to humble but socially active couple Capitan Aniceto Faminiano and Capitana Camilia Fallar on August 20, 1864. He was the eldest of the eleven children. The young Atanacio showed sparks of academic brilliance while receiving Spanish education which emphasized the learning of cartilla and the memorization of trisalio prayers. At the age of thirteen, he was called upon to teach being the brightest in the class. While teaching, he took the opportunity to learn more and even mastered the Spanish language. His training in good morals under Spanish tutelage would soon make him formidable man that he was. Upon reaching early manhood, he married a lass named Vicenta, an immigrant from Misamis Oriental.

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