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Monument In The Making

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by Mila Fajiculay-Fruelda
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Human life is full of adventure and mystique. It is far more than a rainbow when it comes to colors. From the very moment a breath of life commences, a drawing on the canvas for that life, likewise, begins. Every line counts, and every color matters for these are what will bring to light the final picture of that life. Whether or not it will be positively colorful depends on the events along the way.


In our journey, all of us have common experiences. We travel on plain roads, hilly terrains, and rugged mountains; cross calm waters, breezy seas, and turbulent oceans; enjoy viewing the sunrise on top of a historic hill, gazing at luminous stars on warm starry nights, and observing the sunset on a clear horizon; feeling the cold, windy nights; sharing with the joy of summer days; touching the morning dew; smelling the fragrance of the meadow; and, so much more.


Undoubtedly, within our common experiences shelters inherent difference. This fact can be discerned primarily on the quality, environment, time, significance, and other factors.

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Sense Of History

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by Mila Fajiculay-Fruelda
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Municipality of Corcuera, also known as or popularly called Simara, has a reservoir of historical inadequacy, legacy, and reality.


On the downside, history has a blank page as to when our island came to be. Just be satisfied with the notion that it came about as a result of natural forces or to the believers, through Divine action.


Still the questions as to who the first settlers of our island were, and who gave the name Simara deserve definitive answers. Again, the specifics are beyond our reach because records are silent and solid testimonials inaccessible.


However, I am confident that even before Magellan set foot on our soil in 1521, our pagan ancestors were already enjoying the bounty of the island now called Simara. These primitive families feared not "fear itself", but the slaves-seeking Moro pirates from Mindanao.


It was clear that the Spaniards came to our soil to conquer and convert. San Jose, the name of our pueblo before it was changed to Corcuera, had religious representation and Spanish influence.

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Life Beyond The Sunset

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by Eleazar Mirasol Famorcan
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The day I took my new job at Health & Home magazine several years ago, a colleague hung a sunset poster on my corner wall.


Canít forget that friendly gesture.


And I like the picture.


Itís beautiful, refreshingly beautiful. Time and again, I swivel my chair and gaze at the mounted masterpiece captured in 1597 by Anthony Verlagís lens. And time and again, it stirs the memory of some unclouded past sitting on a seaside bench of my mind, one that thrills me even to this day.


But thatís only a still photograph of a sunset. Not the real thing.

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Treasure In Simara

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by Eleazar Mirasol Famorcan
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Must have been the naughty wind that tousled my hairdo and with impunity whipped my unhelmeted top. Or must have been my proclivity to enchanting islands. Whatever, it caused a tale to spin in my head as Manong Erwin and I went motorcycling in Simara.


Earlier that late April afternoon, we had crossed paths near his house and struck up a conversation. Not long after that, out of the blue, he invited me for a short ride.


ďThe trip would take less than an hour, roundtrip,Ē he assured me. ďAnd donít worry about not being able to get back home early.Ē


Me worry? No way holiday, I thought. He need not tell me about time limits. In my island-hometown people enjoy time more than they measure or race against it. There, my days are not structured and I can always take my time.

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Dreamin' Of A High School Reunion

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by Eleazar Mirasol Famorcan
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In the summer, when the weatherís fine and the Visayan sea is glassy and calm, I dream of going home to a beautiful island called Simara. I imagine trekking up a hilly portion on its south side overlooking the Romblon channel, where stands a one-story building of four or five classrooms, a small library, and a little extensionóall lacking the sophistication of a modern educational facility yet overflowing with memories. Itís there that I attended high school. Itís also there that I hope to meet with classmates one weekend come April.


Well, I said I hope. Just hope. I really donít know what would happen or when it would happen, the next reunion of my high school Class of í80.


Not that me and my classmates donít care about reunions. We do. Letís just say we love to have unplanned, spontaneous get-togethers.


First Reunion


Not very long ago, fresh from college, I went back home.

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