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Home Trivia Where In The World Is Simara?

Where In The World Is Simara?

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by Gilbert Fajiculay
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Gilbert FajiculayNext time you hear the word Simara and ask where or what it is, you should be more specific. It's because the name 'Simara' is all over the world.


You could be asking for Simara in Nepal, a Himalayan nation in Asia where Mt. Everest is located. Simara, Nepal has its own domestic as well as international airport. It is only a 15-minute plane ride from the capital, Katmandu.


You could also be asking for Simara, an Industrial Complex in Maraba-Para State, Brazil, in South America. By the way, in Latin America, Simara can also be a name of a person.


Or, you may be looking for Simara, a safety and equipment company in Lithuania, in Eastern Europe.


Or, you may be trying to locate a road named Simara Street in Stuart, Florida. Or, it could be a jewelry and supply store called "Simara's Bead World" in Liverpool, New York. These places are in the continental United States, in North America.


In the Pacific Ocean, it could be a dancing school named "Simara Dance Studio" in Waipahu, Hawaii. Some of its dancing pairs won in the First Fil-Am Ballroom Dance Competition held in Waipahu in June 14, 2002.


Or, you may be trying to see a German movie by Christin Schindier, telling the story of a German mermaid named Simara.


Or, you might be after an essential compound, a natural perfumery blend called Jasmine Simara.


Is this what you're looking for? If it is not, then I suppose you are really after that island paradise situated at Latitude 12 degrees, 49 minutes and Longitude 122 degrees, 03 minutes.


You look at the map of the world, and there it is! SIMARA in Romblon province. Simara, a home to a proud people. Simara, a local island name with a worldwide presence.


Romblon Map


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