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Fifth Class, But First Class...!

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Postby ambring » Sun Feb 13, 2011 12:00 am

Fifth Class, But First Class! by: milambring

The Municipality of Corcuera, popularly called SIMARA, in the Province of Romblon, Philippines, is a small island. It is classified as fifth class municipality. To elevate it to fourth class is an uphill battle despite the top priority given by the local government administration, previous and current, on economic development efforts. To reach first class is impossible, in our view, despite the saying, “nothing is impossible under the heat of the rising sun…”

However, SIMARAnhons, the people of this beautiful island are not stranger to being first class. This is particularly true in the field of education. Simaranhons are gifted people along this line, generally speaking. 
Specifically, we are inspired to highlight our alma mater, the Corcuera National High School, formerly Corcuera Municipal High School, and originally Corcuera Academy. This is not to leave behind the other high school in SIMARA, the Mabini National High School, but simply to react on the dictate of current circumstances.

Corcuera National High School is first class; this is not in terms of its physical structure and amenities, among other factors, but primarily relating to its administration, faculty/staff members, and students. The quality of instruction is first class; the achievement of the students is first class; despite inherent economic challenges.

This first class description has been a trade mark of this institution from the very beginning; recipient of numerous awards as champion in various fields of competitions -- academics, athletics, what else, -- are concrete proof of its being.

In the 1960s when Corcuera Academy was very young, the school was a recipient of awards and honors from competitions participated in outside of SIMARA; we could recall Ruben Ferry of Gobon and Rudy Faminiano of Poblacion in the field of music -- guitar playing - Provincial Level; Gilbert Falceso Fajiculay, in academics, representing Romblon in the Western Visayas Regional Meet, Iloilo City; and, the Preparatory Military Training (PMT) under the command of Domingo San Joaquin, Jr., with drum corps composed of Gilbert Fajiculay (corps leader), Josie Yap (majorette), Reynoe Faminiano, Rudy Faminiano, Ruben Ferry, Pliny Fondevilla, and Calixto Fruelda (drummers) gained prominence not only in Simara but elsewhere as evidenced by invitations to perform drill demo during fiesta, among other celebrations.

Moving forward, the school has been in the forefront in bringing honor not only to the school itself, not only to SIMARA, but also to the Province of Romblon, and even to the MIMAROPA (Mindoro Occidental, Mindoro Oriental, Marinduque, Romblon, Palawan) Region, where Romblon currently belongs.

An avalanche of awards of first class quality from competitions in district, provincial, and regional levels was experienced by the school during the time of Melchor “Ontoy” Mirasol Famorcan as Principal. The CNHS forum on the SIMARA website serves as oasis for these inspiring news concerning our alma mater, although not every piece has been posted.

Currently, Lucin Fabreo-Fruelda is the Head of the School since Melchor "Ontoy" Famorcan moved to the Division Office in Romblon as Science Coordinator.

Fast forward to recent events, we can say that the claim of being first class despite being fifth class is not only in words but, of course, with concrete proof.

On the national scene, Bryan Blair Andal Fallarme, a junior student at CNHS, was declared national champion in SciDama during the 8th National Science Quest held in Sta. Cruz, Laguna last February 2-4, 2011. This first class achievement is historic with added spice in that February 2 is the Foundation Day of our alma mater.

His journey from CNHS in SIMARA to the venue Pedro Guevarra Memorial National High School in Sta. Cruz, Laguna was challenging and inspiring. It obviously meant, he qualified in the district level, in the division level, and in the regional level, and emerged qualified to represent the region in the national level.

His trophy is beautiful and, of course, meaningful! Meaningful, not only for him, not only for his coach Shalimar Fruelda Falcunitin, not only to CNHS, not only to SIMARA, not only to the DepEd District, Division, and Region; not only to the Province of Romblon, but also to the MIMAROPA geographical region.

Is this trophy with accompanying cash award for the recipient and the coach?
How about the school, our alma mater? Is there any congratulatory note received from the higher-ups?

We have mentioned earlier that CNHS is first class in many ways, but not in its physical facilities. As a matter of fact, our alma mater has no library to speak of after fifty (50) years since foundation. Currently, a library and learning center is under construction, but its completion is more of a dream than a reality because the proceeds during the golden founding anniversary in 2010 -- the fund being used for the construction -- is only thirty percent (30%) of the total estimated project cost.

Speaking of our library and learning center project, WHO we can turn to for its completion?

Let us view its completion as a REWARD to the school for bringing honor not only to SIMARA, to Romblon Province, but also to the MIMAROPA Region. Along this line, we are turning for tangible assistance to our Municipal Mayor, and to our DepEd Division Superintendent of Romblon, both of whom are of first class quality as alumni of our alma mater; to Governor Lolong Firmalo; and, to Congressman Madrona. What about the DepEd Regional Director?

We are confident, not through mere optimism, that the completion of our library and learning center project can be realized soon with their respective genuine efforts. Congressman Madrona alone can make it happen through his Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). This is, of course, if the Congressman is aware of this need for library and learning center, and the fact that CNHS is a fountain of inspiring news and honor for the credit not only of SIMARA but the Province of Romblon as well, even beyond!

Around one million pesos (PHP1M) is still needed to complete the project. Education -- right education -- of the youth is an avenue leading to the improvement of society which, in our view, is a priority concern of great leaders.

Moreover, we would like to ask about college scholarship grant for students like Bryan Blair Fallarme. Aside from SciDama, he consistently brings honor to the school, to SIMARA, and to upper levels, from chess competitions. He is graduating from high school next school year. What about college? His family has no sufficient financial means to support his college studies.

It will be a great help not only to Bryan Blair Fallarme, but also to all students like him, if the government could automatically include them as recipients of scholarship grant for their entire college years, or even up to masteral, doctorate degrees where appropriate. Students like him deserve assistance from the government at all levels. It is in the interest of the country, if the Department of Education (DepEd) would allocate funds for scholarship grants, and use the same honestly!

Specific to our school, any comment on deserving students -- first class -- but not sure about college studies due to economic constraint?

What about our alumni association?
Just asking…

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In the list of passers released by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) for the July 2010 Nursing Licensure Board Exam, four alumni classmates from CNHS's Class of 2006 made the roster. The PRC reported that about 90,000 examinees took the board examination this year.