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Simara IslandLike the legendary jade floating on an opalescent sea, 120 nautical miles southeast of Manila is Simara, the pride of Romblon isles. It is an elongated island formed by nature like a hook covering an area of 23.40 square kilometers. Its island name was derived from the local word "sima" which means hook. By area, it is the fifth island in a group of seven that comprises the marble province of Romblon and of course one of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines, the Eden of the East.


Simara lies on the northwestern coast of the province. It is hemmed in by bodies of water from all sides; on the north and east by the Sibuyan Sea, on the south by Tablas Strait and on the west by the sea that separates the municipality of Concepcion. It is located at 122046' north latitude and 36 kilometers from the Capital of the province. The name of its town which was formerly "San Jose" was later changed to Corcuera by the town's first Gobernadorcillo, after the name of the liberal Spanish Governor General of the Philippines, Jurtado de Corcuera. Corcuera, as a municipality, occupies the whole island of Simara. The topographical feature of the island municipality is generally hilly. The highest upland is 755 feet above sea level.


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