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The municipality is accessible to other municipalities by pumpboats. There are regular schedule of trips plying between Calatrava and Corcuera daily. Pumpboats leave Corcuera at 8:00 o'clock in the morning to Calatrava and return to Corcuera at 12:00 noon of the same day. Going to Romblon Capital, there is a special trip either Mondays or Fridays. Usually going to the Capital, people take pumpboat via Calatrava where jeepneys are available for San Agustin. In San Agustin, pumpboats are available for Romblon at 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

Pumpboat plying between Corcuera and Calatrava.


Originally, Simara had only 8 communities. Ilijan (derived from "Iligan" locally meant as a flowing source of water), Mainit (a locality with a hot spring), Guintiguiban (supposedly with chiseled source of water), Suba now San Roque, Mahaba (named for its long beach), and Alegria, formerly Bagaroyong. Today, Simara has 15 barrios with the addition of Poblacion, Ambulong, San Agustin before Sumabyay, Tacasan (landing of Moro pirates), Mabini, Gobon, San Vicente, Mangansag, Colong-Colong, and Labnig. Eleven of these are along the seacoast.

Far view of Barangay Poblacion overlooking Tanro-aw Hill.


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Corcuera is a municipality classified as village or tertiary urban center. In urban area, the population is 579 or 6%. In rural area, the total population is 9,079 or 94%. The total population of Corcuera as of 1999 is 10,168.


Corcuera has 13 public schools, 11 of which offer pre-school. It is one of the 4 municipalities with high literacy rates. Two public high schools are also present in the locality.


Corcuera has 3 barangay health stations that cater to all the health needs of the people.


Corcuera Port caters to intra-provincial travel. The town has solo motorcycles and tricycles.

Passenger boats overlooking Tablas Island.


Level 1 water supply, 1 water pump with 3 service areas.



Liberty Telecom Service

Dammy's StorePoblacion(043)-969-9386-1615
George Famat's StoreTacasan(043)-969-9386-1630


Corcuera's power supply is generated by National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR).



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