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Small, humble but significant. Such is the beginning of Corcuera Academy (now Corcuera National High School). And such is the genesis of greatness.


Corcuera Academy Board of Trustees and stockholders with pioneering
Class of 1965. Click here to enlarge.

In 1958, a visionary son of Simara named Pablo Fallaria thought of establishing a school in the island. He believed that one should get at least a secondary education. At that time, and even today, the alternative would have been a life of perpetual ignorance and toil for the youth of Simara. The nearest secondary school was an eternity of rough boat ride away, in another island.


The following year, the Corcuera Institute was born. Alas, because of lack of financial support and the absence of a "governmental certificate", the fledgling secondary institution died a year later.


And yet lofty dreams don't die just like that - without a fight. Soon a group of benefactor took on the daunting task of reestablishing the school. This time, they had some measure of success and they named their baby, the Corcuera Academy.


Like its defunct predecessors, Corcuera Academy went through untold birthing pains, but the new founders with their collective idealism were equal to the challenge.


On February 2, 1960, the school won government recognition, perhaps the single landmark event that has significantly altered the history of the island-municipality. Simaranhons welcomed it as a blessing for all who thirst after education. In the school's Articles of Incorporation, the following were listed as stockholders:

Senen Fanlo
Manuel Albero
Benjamin Fallaria
Josefino Fajilago
Troadio Famorcan
Emilio Fallurin
Felisa Perez
Ricardo Fojas
Pacifico Fondevilla
Illustre Faminiano
Magnifico Fondevilla
Amador Faminiano
Conrado Fajarillo
Santiago Fajilago
Rudolph Yap
Aguinaldo Fortu
Anioneva Falceso
Arcelito Fallurin


The Board of Trustees was composed of:

Mayor Senen Fanlo (Chairman)
Josefino Fajilago (Vice-Chairman)
Ricardo Fojas (Secretary-Treasurer)


and the following members:

Benjamin Fallaria
Aguinaldo Fortu
Manuel Albero
Felisa Perez
Ilustre Faminiano
Conrado Fajarillo
Amador Faminiano
Magnifico Fondevilla
Arcelito Fallurin
Santiago Fajilago
Troadio Famorcan


The first and second year classes were formally opened on June 1960. Four years later, the third and fourth year classes were added, making the Corcuera Academy a complete secondary institution.


Ricarte Fabella was the pioneering school principal. The first teachers included were: Jean Basuel, Cristina Genobaga, Romeo Candelario, Ponciano Genes, and Aurea Salazar Fajilago.


In 1965, on its fifth year of existence, the school won a little victory and gained some prominence. During a provincewide literary-musical contest held in Odiongan, the school placed second in overall championship. This significant accomplishment attracted more parents to send their children to the school on the hill to gain a well-rounded education.


Also, at this time, the first batch of Corcuera Academy graduates - 15 of them marched through their portals to find their places in the sun. In the succeeding years, enrollment steadily increased. After its first decade of service, the school had graduated 296 students.


Corcuera Academy's student population ballooned in its second decade. From 1975 to 1984, it produced 795 graduates, unprecedented and unsurpassed in the school's annals.


On April 24, 1977, Class 67 and Class 72 co-sponsored the first-ever Grand Alumni Homecoming. Besides the fellowship that it afforded those in attendance, the celebrations honored outstanding students of Corcuera Academy. A little over a decade and a half later, on April 26-27, 1993, the CA Alumni Association organized the second grand homecoming.


Through the years, the school would undergo changes - both in staff and physical makeup. However, among the most significant transformations were those that happened in the second half of the 1990s.


During the term of erstwhile mayor Nicolas Fajarillo, in counsel with some members of the Board of Trustees, it was decided that the school be sold to the municipal government.


On June 28, 1996, that plan was realized and Corcuera Academy became Corcuera Municipal High School.


After some time, the incumbent mayor, Bibiano Fanlo, representing the municipal government, donated the school to the national government - specifically the Department of Education, Culture and Sports. This act led to its conversion into a National High School. Mayonita Faminiano, a highly-placed Simaranhon at the DECS (Region IV) facilitated the release of pertinent documents while school head Ramelia Fajilagot also made some representations. Others who had a hand in the change of the school's status were School Superintendents Dinah Mindo and Joseph Fadri.


On August 18, 1997 the shortlived Corcuera Municipal High School officially became what is now Corcuera National High School.


Some Quick Facts About CA/CNHS

  • The Class 1982 is the largest batch, with 125 graduates
  • The pioneering Class of 1965 is the smallest batch with 15 graduates.
  • The school has had six principals:>
    Ricarte Fabella (1960-1964)
    Cirilo Ilio (1965-1969)
    Dely de Leon-Madrona (1970-1972)
    Ortenciano Festejo (1973-1975)
    Edwin Fetalino (1976-1982)
    Ramelia Fajilagot (1983-present)
  • Aurea Salazar-Fajilago, who taught from 1965 to 1981, was the longest-serving faculty member.


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0 #1 Guest 2011-04-03 11:55
I know a Pablo Fallaria, now living in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. I know he is from the Philippines. Is he the same person that worked to establish the school on Simara in 1958? He would have been about 23 years old at that time.

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