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In Retrospect

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by Mila Fajiculay-Fruelda
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“He who does not look back cannot reach his destination,” a saying to this effect commonly suggests.


“Don’t look back,” but she did, and “she was turned into a pillar of salt.”


The first one is subject to individual interpretation; the second is a subject with biblical impression--believe it or not--is the sole explanation.


My objective is not to inject confusion, but simply to cite instances with the words look back as a point of presentation.


Fast-rewind to my formative years in the beautiful Island of Simara, I have had a reservoir of experiences worthy of looking back or recollection. As a kid, I enjoyed the convenience of life having a residence strategically situated in the Poblacion. Goods, services, and leisure, among other necessities of life, were with comfortable ease within my reach. Modesty aside, not all kids in our place even today can relate with my experiences. I cannot help, but repeat to say, I really miss those days a lot.


Among my experiences, I am enthused for this purpose to focus on the formation of formal groups. Inherently, human beings are gregarious for a variety of purposes. Why? No one can do the requirements of life alone.


Let me zero in on youth organizations. What I mean here were functional groups complete with various committees to perform specific tasks. Primarily, the youth organized themselves for activities related to, as vividly as I could mentally picture, fiesta celebrations.


In our place, every barangay has its own tradition related to fiesta, and cultural pride in the manner of celebration. However, I take pride even just to think of our Poblacion fiesta, not just because I am from there, but more so because I have had concrete recollection about it too. The fiesta in the Poblacion--unlike in individual barangay that is confined in a particular place--covers the whole Simara Island. Preparations for various activities centered at the Poblacion, but every barangay has had role to play.


Speaking of organizations, the youth in the Poblacion were at the front lines in doing all that were necessary to make the occasion a success. Foremost, they took pride in the name of their group as CYC, which stood for Corcuera Youth Club. Once CYC was mentioned, it sounded loudly and clearly as the leader of all youth clubs throughout the Municipality. I was impressed by their energy, enthusiasm, pride of belongingness, and fervor to accomplish something worth talking about, and remembering at any point in time even after the celebration was way over. These were the youth who put “man’s job” on their shoulders to prove that hope was with oneself, individually; and, among themselves, collectively.


Undoubtedly impressive.


This fervor in the hearts and minds of our youth to organize did not begin and end with fiesta celebrations. In the pursuit of life far from home, either as students or as wage earners, they continued to recognize the imperatives of organizing themselves. They displayed foresight, and good taste in coining names for their groups. I could recall three organizations, though not very clearly: Simara United Youth Organization (SUYO); Romblon Students Academic Movement (RoSAM); and, Youth and Students Affairs Directorate (YSAD). The objectives were equally sterling; the length of existence, (I’m) uncertain; the names were all well-chosen.


However, I like the name SUYO even at this point . This name banners our Island of Simara, manifests specific coverage, displays the pride and nature of our youth, and the acronym SUYO has had a significant connection to our cultural heritage.


Before the advent of aladin (kerosene operated) and flashlight (battery operated), our folks have had used suyo (a neatly bundled dried coconut leaves kindled at the tip) as a light while maneuvering all types of terrain in darkness. Since our coastal areas were abundant in different varieties of marine life, suyo came very handy for the nocturnal fish catchers, shells gatherers, (panuyo, panihe) and the like.


In this connection, I am calling upon all Simaranhons -- in Simara, Batangas, Manila, and elsewhere in the Philippines--to rekindle the new SUYO which now stands for Simarahons’ Unified Yearnings Organization. Figuratively, gather all available coconut leaves, select the best quality, bundle tightly, ignite the right portion with fervor, and shelter the same from strong wind or detractors.


The light this will provide,
will remain aglow;
Not only in the darkness of night,
But, even in the brightness of mid-tomorrow.


One of the conceived benefits for rekindling the new
( SUYO) which stands for Simarahons’ Unified Yearnings Organization
is to serve as News Channel
from Simara, as base, to various places
outside our hometown.
It will be advantageous for our kasimanwa
living outside Simara to receive news,
not only from immediate relatives
but more so from official sources,
particularly, about matters of public concern.


What I mean is Networking:


In Simara
SUYO: Simara Chapter
This will be the base organization.


In Batangas
SUYO: Batangas Chapter
Batangas is a place where Simaranhons can meet Simaranhons
in great number, as if one is (you are) in Simara.
In fact, Simara can be considered a “little sister” of Batangas City.


In Greater Manila Area
SUYO: GMA Chapter
This will cover Manila, surrounding cities and municipalities.


This is reserved for places outside of the aforementioned Chapters.
The bottom line is to use SUYO as the “uniform” name for the organizations
of Simaranhons anywhere in the Philippines--to demonstrate the true meaning of
Unity In Motion.


With the use of computers and other communications technology, sending news on a timely manner with humanly possible accuracy will be feasible.


The source in Simara, for example, can use cell phones and regular phones to transmit news to SUYO: Batangas Chapter and SUYO: GMA Chapter, who, in turn, will send e-mails to Simaranhons in other places within the country, and abroad. is where e-mail addresses are available.


Relay news, in good faith, to as many Simaranhons as possible, anywhere in the globe.


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