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Memoirs Of A Mesmerized Visitor

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Mga Pinalanggang Kasimanwa nako,


Gusto nakong ipabasa sa inro ka usang suyat nak ako nabaton halin sa ako amigo ag kumpadre, kaibhanan nako sida rile sa trabaho sa Riyadh. Ingnunot nako sida kag bakasyon sa Simara it katong Abril 2002, pero waya sida nakaabot it pista. Miskan kali ay personal nak suyat sa ako pamilya, pay buko ra guihapon dahil ka ida mensahe ay para sa atong tanan nak Simaranhon.


Please take some time to read Jun Sarmiento's unedited letter to Yap and Buncalan family, narrating his unforgettable memories of Simara. You can find our photos in "Sojourn" of this site.


Mabuhay ka tanang Simaranhon!


Randy Jose Yap



5th May 2002


Dear Daddy Ed, Mommy Luds, Jun, Ivan, Erick & Jayvee, Kuya Pope, Randy & Lani, Yoi & Ole,


I hope you all had an easy ride home.


Now that Iím back here in Riyadh, I can only indulge myself in recalling my very enjoyable and unforgettable stay in Simara. Short as it was, youíve made my vacation distinctly fulfilling. I can still smell the fresh sea breeze, recall the warmth welcoming smiles of the many folks whom I had the honor of being introduced to, and taste the sumptuous food and delicacies of the island. Iím sure these happy memories will linger for a longer while as I really had a great time. For this, Iím most grateful to all of you Ė please accept my humble thanks, hoping that Iíll be able to reciprocate all your kindness in some ways.


The years of waiting, and the long journey by sea (which was my first, not to mention my ďpleasantĒ way back), finally paid off. Simara is indeed a great beauty to behold, its people simply amazing, and the entire experience something to keep but openly and proudly talk about. I will doubtless be willing to brave a perilous sea anytime if only to return (just joking, he-he-he!). But to those who are yet to come, they better eat their hearts out!


My first-ever ship ride turned out to be very relaxing Ė although I was sorry to discover that I only got half the fun; Randy & Erick should have waken me up. The two-hour boat ride from Romblon was enjoyable (despite Lani and Jayveeís constant teasing about my pale look, he-he-he). Your relatives in Romblon were more than accommodating Ė if only Iím able to carry as much marmol as I can!


And yes, our island escapades compacted within two short days were more than breathtaking! I very much enjoyed the short trek up the hills and our lazing around after a mouthful of buko, all for free Ė this is the life! (Though I still believe that I should have been allowed to scale those coconut trees by myself!) The camp out in one of those coves was just exhilarating and an entirely new experience for me Ė at least, Iím no longer uninitiated about gin-pom! (but the beer-bihira could be better next time) Of course, how can I forget the powdery sands a la Boracay of that part of Simara? (What was its name again? [he is referring to Colong-colong beach]) And what about capping a tiring day with a visit to the perya Ė I havenít been in one in years!


Iím sure I havenít seen and experienced the best of Simara yet Ė tip of the iceberg pa lang? How I would have really loved to stay on for the fiesta and take part in the unique festivities Ė Randy, magkano bang naibigay mo kay Mayor? But Iím sure there will always be a next time (so long as Iím still welcome, he-he-he!).


Thanks to all of you for that very memorable sojourn! To Daddy Ed (Buncalan) and Mommy Luds for their kindness and their insightful words and interesting stories. Ivan and Jun for their ready hands and brotherly care. Erick and Jayvee for the enjoyable moments I spent with their company (I promise not to sleep early next time!). Kuya Pope for his advanced accounts of Simara which all proved descriptive even if the island, to me, is beyond words. Mama Nits and Auntie Linda for pampering us, from the delicious food they prepared down to minute details Ė and yes, Mama Nits lived up to her BFAD fame by Randyís accounts! And of course, my kumpareng Randy and kumareng Lani Ė thank you for inviting me to come aboard and then tirelessly convinced me that Iíll enjoy the trip (Iím more than overwhelmed!). Thanks for playing the nicest hosts to me Ė there was never a dull moment during my short stay!


How I look forward to a next visit to Simara soon! Until then, Iíll make do with the photos that captured our wonderful experience during the short time that we were together (Order ba kayo? Mura lang!).


God bless you all!


In Jesus and Mary,




P. S. Please convey my deepest thanks and warmest regards to Mama Nits, Auntie Linda and to all uncles & aunties in Simara too!


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