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by : Jose Falceso Fallurin
Romblon High School, Class 1959


On this historical occasion, in celebration of our golden graduation anniversary from our high school alma mater, I am poised to pour all my praises to the Lord Our God Almighty for all the blessings He showered upon all alumni of Class 1959. For those of us who are still around, I ask our Loving and Merciful God to sustain us with blessings of good health, happiness, peace and prosperity, among other positive aspects of meaningful life. May our classmates who are now under His care find special place in His domain.


My life story is a continuing book, every page of which is written by each passing day!
When I was born on April 10, 1942, my father Corporal Rufo Famorcan Fallurin was one among the members of the United States Armed Forces in the Far East (USAFFE) facing the infamous “Death March of Bataan...” where he eventually gave his life in the service of his country.


I just want to thank the Lord for giving me a mother, Mamay Neva Fallar Falceso, who brought me up at her best under all circumstances. She introduced me to God by way of the Church as early as I could remember and by her positive words and deeds. Early on, I always feel that God is not only a protector, but also a provider and beyond.


I just want to thank the Lord for my academic pursuit. There having no high school in the island-municipality of Simara/Corcuera prior to 1960, my mother, with her high regard for education, sent me to Romblon High School for my secondary education. As I reminisce with tears of joy the four years of my high school days in Romblon, Romblon, I always feel proud of myself for I survived the trials of life at that young age away from home. I learned to do the grocery, to cook with firewood still coming from Simara, to take care of my laundry needs, to handle my budget and other basic undertakings and, of course, focusing well on my studies. I am grateful for the wonderful adventure, training and beneficial experiences during my high school days including fellowship and friendship. In summary, my four years in Romblon High School prepared me well -- emotionally, mentally, physically -- for the challenges of college life and beyond. I said to myself then, if I could survive here with the help of the Lord, I could survive anywhere else!


I just want to thank the Lord for His guidance to Simaranhon-students during our time at Romblon High School. As to academic standing, Simaranhon-students then -- a good, inspiring number -- were at the front desks if good grades would be the basis for occupancy. This could be attributed to innate genes and personal discipline; we focused our attention on our studies to reduce the impact of homesickness; we read our books, lecture notes and took care of our assignments diligently; our money was primarily for our basic needs, not for “wants” which inevitably gave us more time in our room than at some places outdoors; in short, the mixture of heredity and trying environment mirroring personal discipline at our young age.


I just want to thank the Lord for my aptitude and my attitude; positive thinking is a vital asset of my being; loaded with appropriate preparation from Romblon High School, I took up Commerce degree, major in Accounting at the Far Eastern University (FEU) in Manila, and became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in 1963. I took employment as Field Auditor visiting various places all over the Philippines until 1969 when I got married; few months later, I decided to pursue what life could offer me in the land called the United States of America, the place where I live since together with my immediate family, my mother, two sisters -- Manang Daling Fajilago and Mila Fruelda, two brothers -- Gilbert and Billy Fajiculay, and their respective families. I feel good and truly thankful to the Lord! Specific to education, my innate burning desire to quest for more remained alive even here in the United States. Its flame lighted up my way to complete my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree in 1980 from Rutgers University.


My life story reflects a picture of trials and triumphs -- a right mix of a meaningful, wonderful life. Many times I shared stories of my life to my two children -- the first one, Joey, born in 1972 and the next one, Marylou, in 1973, now with six and three kids, respectively -- particularly my high school days. At age 13, I had to travel by boat -- the Carmeling of Tang Amboy Frogosa -- powered by wind from Simara to Romblon; in Romblon, as a student, I had to take care of everything, giving emphasis on my budget which was ten pesos per month, of which two pesos was for my room rent -- a room that was multi-purpose -- bedroom, dining room, living room and study room among other practical uses. I am deeply grateful! I know and I am glad my kids got some good lessons out of my stories, even their circumstances are far different. I just want to thank the Lord also for my loving wife, Luisa Lero, and my children, my extended family, my friends, co-workers, and all others who are part of who I am.


I just want to thank the Lord for my childhood memories of Simara! The beauty of the place, strong family ties and inherent positive traits of Simaranhons molded by the natural make-up of the small island remain inspiring and vital part of my life!


At this juncture, I am inspired to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all 59ners especially to the organizers: Mimie Cordova Uy, Telly Mazo Lim and Susana Fadri Malihan. May our fellowship and friendship remain endearing and enduring. I always enjoy talking on the phone with Noly and Butch Reyes currently residing in California. It refreshes memories of our get-together in 1982 at their home in Chicago with Mimie Cordova Uy, Teresita Fonte Silverio, the late Manuel Uy, Armando Molino, Salvador Romero, and myself in attendance. In occasion like this, reminiscing high school days always takes center stage which, obviously, everybody enjoys so much!


Finally, my thoughts and prayers are with you all attendees. Regards also to my fellow Simaranhon-classmates... Joy Yap-Fanlo, among others. I also want to offer my prayers for those who passed away especially my fellow Simaranhons Mayonita Fajilan and husband Emmanuel Faminiano. I also pray that our Good Lord continue to provide us mental, physical and spiritual strength so that we, in turn, can continue to serve and glorify Him by utilizing fruitfully our God-given gifts.


God bless us all and praise the Lord!




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