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2008 RANAS & Beyond!

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The rice Christmas gift for Simara this 2008 has a total of eighty-one (81) cavans benefiting 810 family-beneficiaries from all fifteen (15) barangays selected based primarily on economic condition.


Auntie Celia Famorcan residing in Romblon, Romblon purchased the rice; she also personally delivered the same to Simara on December 27, 2008 despite uncooperative weather condition.


From December 28 - 29, she led the distribution of the rice to the selected beneficiaries, together with her nephew Nonoy Famorcan, Orly Fajarillo and Jojo Fajarillo among others. News had it that visiting the barangays of Simara distributing the said gift was not only meaningful experience for Auntie Celia but also an opportunity to impart to the beneficiaries vivid message as to how the effort started; certainly, she was able to speak from the heart since she was together with Auntie Nilda when such idea was imparted to us.


For more info, kindly visit forum.


Of course, the recipients are glad and deeply grateful!


In aid of information dissemination, the essence of the letter sent out in this regard is as indicated hereunder from Auntie Nilda Famorcan; my brother Billy sent out letters too and made phone calls among other avenues to get in touch with fellow Simaranhons and friends. Their compassion and passion made the 2008 RANAS & Beyond! even more fruitful than the first one; certainly, more fruits will come our way with more of us -- Simaranhons -- sharing in the spirit of this rice Christmas gift!




1208 Ethel Street
Glendale, CA 91207
September 01, 2008


Dear ____________________________,


Greetings to you and family!


The “ber” in September reminds me that Christmas season is again just around the corner. It, likewise, brings to heart and mind the genuine effort that we started last year, concerning our “rice gift” intended for some of our fellow Simaranhons back home.


I am glad and grateful that last year, despite short notice, the result was a success! It was successful in the sense that it happened; its fruits touched the lives of more than four hundred (400) families all-over the fifteen barangays of Simara; the recipients were selected based primarily on no other factor but economic condition.


For details, kindly visit postings on forum/bulletin board/blessings.


Obviously, the significance of this gesture goes beyond the monetary value of the rice itself. As Simaranhon, I am confident that you feel the same way. I am aware of the prevailing economic situation we are in; in essence, any amount we can collectively put together will manifest not only the spirit of Christmas but, even beyond.


Typhoon visits Simara at different times of year, and the weather condition during December is inherently uncooperative to travelers. For this reason, I see it a plus factor and shall deeply appreciate it if we could send money for this rice gift by the end of November, so that my sister Celia in Romblon, Romblon can have ample time to purchase rice and effect delivery to Simara in time for Christmas holidays.


My partner-coordinator in the East Coast, Billy Falceso Fajiculay, #4 Lori Court, Spring Valley, NY 10977 with home phone 1(845) 425-3578, and I are also inviting more Simaranhons living inside and outside of North America to participate in this gesture; in the name of the intended beneficiaries in Simara and for many more positive reasons, we shall highly appreciate it if you could share this invitation to Simaranhons you know -- family members, relatives, friends and others.


Thank you and best regards,


Proponent/West Coast Coordinator, USA
HP 1(818) 244-5066





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