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Atanacio Faminiano - The Formidable

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Atanacio Faminiano - The Formidable
by Danilo F. Fabiala


The name Atanacio Faminiano stands not to be forgotten in the political circles of this island. "Lolo Tana" as was fondly called by his townmates, was the first executive of this municipality. How he managed to successfully steer his way to political leadership is not a surprise to anyone who knew him and his life.


He was born to humble but socially active couple Capitan Aniceto Faminiano and Capitana Camilia Fallar on August 20, 1864. He was the eldest of the eleven children. The young Atanacio showed sparks of academic brilliance while receiving Spanish education which emphasized the learning of cartilla and the memorization of trisalio prayers. At the age of thirteen, he was called upon to teach being the brightest in the class. While teaching, he took the opportunity to learn more and even mastered the Spanish language. His training in good morals under Spanish tutelage would soon make him formidable man that he was. Upon reaching early manhood, he married a lass named Vicenta, an immigrant from Misamis Oriental.


The start of the century marked the start of his brilliant political career that lasted for almost four decades. In 1918, Lolo Tana accepted the position of President of the municipality of Banton. Banton at that time was the seat of local government of the Maghali Group, which comprises of Banton, Sibale and Simara islands. Several years later, he was elected to the same position. In 1931, he became the first town executive of the municipality of Corcuera.


Lolo Tana's secrets in leadership were his personal traits plus a burning desire to build a name of himself as an ideal administrator. He believed in the parliamentary procedures, reprimanded councilors misbehaving or noisy during sessions and saw it that everybody in the municipal council can participate in the discussion of pertinent issues. He was an action man, an economic planner and a social developer.


Atanacio Faminiano started it right and good. The others that followed had a standard to follow and even did better resulting into benefits for our beloved town Corcuera, a great place deserves great leaders.


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