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Blessed Leon

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by Minnie Festin Navato
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I am here to talk about my great-grandfather, Blessed Leon Inchausti, a successful man who made it to heaven.


Born June 28, 1859 in Ajanquiz, Vizcaya, Spain, he studied Philosophy & Sciences at Monteagudo, Navarre. After receiving his education, Blessed Leon sailed in the ship “Isla de Cebu” for more than a month and landed in Cebu, Philippines. He was ordained a priest in Cebu at age 25 after learning Cebuano. He then served in the parishes of Bohol and Romblon. I come from Romblon. Just before the Spanish-American war, he was transferred to Brazil. After 18 years in Brazil, he returned to Spain in 1915. But things had changed while he was gone. In 1936, the Spanish Civil War broke out and lasted 3-4 years. More than 7000 non-political Catholic priests and 283 nuns were executed by the Republicans out of hatred for the Catholic Church. Padre Leon, along with several other priests, did not abandon their churches and parishes and continued to celebrate Mass. Because of their disobedience, soldiers burned their monasteries and the priests were massacred by firing squad. Blessed Leon did not just endure suffering. He endured suffering that led to his death. Big, big difference!


Over the years, researchers concluded that Padre Leon and the priests died as martyrs in defense of their faith. Pope John Paul II beatified them on March 7, 1999 at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.


More information on Blessed Leon can be found in the Internet by searching for Leon Inchausti under Googles or Yahoo.


Why am I here?


It has happened many times that God granted miracles probably to show His wish that the recently beatified be canonized for sainthood. Miracles happen everywhere all the time, but few get reported to the Vatican. That’s why I am here…to gather the names of your ill and dying and, enter them into a Blessed Leon Registry. A group will pray several times a day so that Blessed Leon help them intercede with God on their behalf.


We are not helping Blessed Leon. He is already in heaven. He has achieved everything. We are asking his help to bring us closer to God and to ask for special favors. This group is not asking for money but we are asking that you alert us if there is a miraculous recovery. If the miracles are verified, we will report these incidents to the Vatican.


Some examples of miracles approved by the Vatican for other saints are as follows:

  1. Suddenly disappearing cancers --- If an MRI showed cancer & the next MRI soon after showed no cancer that would probably be a miracle.
  2. The paralyzed suddenly walks; the blind suddenly sees; the deaf suddenly hears.
  3. Overnight cures -- For example, a fracture normally takes 6-8 weeks to heal. If a fracture heals overnight, that’s a miracle. These miraculous cures must be such that they cannot be explained by science, medical or mental health. A pre-miracle and a post-miracle medical documentation would be desirable. All names will be kept confidential. As you can see, a miraculous cure is impossible…. without divine intervention.


I will end by saying this: “God chose to show His infinite love, mercy and forgiveness by sanctifying a priest who served in a tiny, remote island in the poorest province of the Philippines.”


Contact Dra. Minnie or submit names to
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




He was born June 28, 1859 in Ajanguiz, Vizcaya, Espana. His father was Benito Inchausti and his mother was Juana Mentiguia. He studied at the College of Philosophy and Sciences at Monteagudo at Navarre. His formation in Theology took place in Millan de la Cogolla in Rioja. He entered the Convent in Marcela, Navarre.


On June 1, 1884, he traveled from Barcelona, riding in the ship Isla de Cebu for 1 month to the Philippines. He landed in Cebu. Padre Inchausti was ordained in Cebu on December 22, 1884 after learning Cebuano. He became an assistant parish priest in Barrio Loay from 1885-1887. He then became parish priest of Dimiao, Bohol from 1887-1890.


He first set foot in Banton, visiting the parish priest, Padre Sanvallo Majuelo. After a short vacation in Banton, he went back to Old Sierra Bullones in Spain on Feb 26, 1888. He had a short stint in the parish of Sierra Bullones.


When he returned to the Philippines, he again became parish priest in Dimiao, Bohol until he transferred to Romblon where he served as parish priest at Azagra, San Fernando, Sibuyan Island. He became parish priest at Banton, Romblon from 1894-1897. This was his last parish in the Philippines before he was transferred to Brazil just before the Spanish-American war. After 18 years as parish priest in Brazil, he went back to Spain to serve in his hometown. He did not realize then that he was going to be killed in his hometown.


During the Spanish Civil War in 1936, celebrating mass was forbidden in churches and monasteries. Nevertheless, Padre Inchausti and some other priests were not afraid to continue saying mass. Because of the disobedience of the priests, the soldiers burnt the monasteries and thousands died, including Padre Leon Inchausti and 7 other priests. The priests were all killed by a firing squad in a street in Motril, Granada. After many years of studying the lives of the priests massacred in Motril, the researchers concluded that they died as martyrs in defense of their faith and for Jesus Christ. They are called the “Seven Martyrs of Motril.”


The 7 priests were beatified on March 7, 1999 at the St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome by Pope John Paul II. Banton was founded in 1622. The first priest was a secular. The Augustinian Recollects were assigned to Banton in 1635 until 1897. Padre Inchausti was the last Augustinian Recollect parish priest in Banton, Romblon.


About the Author: Col. Herminia Perez Festin-Navato MD vacationed in Simara from age 7 - 10. She is now residing in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts with her husband and three children.


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