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Plural Messages, Singular Meaning!

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Plural Messages, Singular Meaning!
by Anioneva Family


Five years ago this first day of January, our mother celebrated her 80th birthday! We feel good to rewind our recollection of that occasion, and slowly play the moments, sights and sounds surrounding the events on that wonderful evening. Friends, relatives, and family members came together with smiles on their faces and good feelings deep inside, despite hectic schedule and other occasions the days before.


This year marks the 85th birthday of our mother. We celebrate this significant occasion with relatives, friends and family members. Unique this time is the presentation of an album to Mamay as a gift. This album contains pictures of Mamay’s children, grandchildren and great grandchildren reflective of her family tree. Moreover, it includes greetings and messages of respective experiences concerning Mamay’s presence in our lives. The messages are presented in various ways, but the meaning is the same -- Mamay’s selfless devotion to her family.


Before coming to the United States in 1975, our mother is an active parishioner of St. Joseph the Worker Parish in our hometown of Simara Island, Corcuera, Romblon, Philippines. Love of our Almighty is part of her upbringing and, now, a part of her being. Since the said Parish church is undergoing renovation, we are very appreciative of the gifts for her, which she shares to help the said undertaking. We feel good about its ultimate meaning--genuinely sharing something.


Circumstances differ, situations vary; human beings are unique among creations; blessed are those whose respective mothers is the person you love, as a person and as your mother--we are blessed for having one!


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