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Simara Island - A Volcano

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by Gilbert Fajiculay
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Gilbert Fajiculay

Looking at a list of hundreds of inactive volcanoes in the Philippines, I found that Romblon province has five of them. These are all located in the Maghali District. And they are: Simara Island, Banton Island, Maestre de Campo (now Sibale Is.), and the Dos Hermanas islands of Carlota and Isabela.


The highest inactive volcano, Banton, rises to 1,967 feet above sea level while the lowest is Carlota at 162 feet above sea level. Simara island rises to 755 feet from the sea.


Simara IslandAs all ASI knows, we have hot springs in these islands. The three inhabited islands of Simara, Banton and Sibale have areas named Mainit, and some artesian wells have warm or hot water in them. We also see evidence of solidified lava or igneous rocks (yagting) along the shores.


Again, these volcanic islands are INACTIVE, not active. Romblon does not have any active volcano. Our islands came about as a result of the tectonic plates constantly pushing against each other beneath the bottom of the Philippine sea. The Philippine archipelago lies along the belt called the "Ring of Fire". This belt encompasses the perimeter of the Pacific Ocean, from Alaska in the north to Chile in the south.


One hundred million years ago, there were no Philippine Islands. Fifty million years ago, volcanic rock from deep in the earth's core pushed its way above the sea, thus forming the first and oldest of the island group, Mindoro. Many more islands were to follow. By one million years ago, a vast archipelago had formed the Philippine Islands. As of now, the archipelago is comprised of 7,107 islands.


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