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2009 RANAS & Beyond...

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2009 RANAS & Beyond!

3rd Annual Rice Gift  



The solicitation campaign for the 2009 rice ‘Christmas’ gift for Simara yielded One thousand two hundred fifty dollars ($1,250.00) from the following participants in the East Coast, USA; this effort was passionately spearheaded by the East Coast coordinator Billy Falceso Fajiculay of Spring Valley, New York.   




Ric & Mabing Fabiala-Pena,  New Jersey  --------------- $ 100.00

Bart & Jinky Yap-Fejer, Ohio   ------------------------------     100.00

Raymund Yap, Ohio  ------------------------------------------     100.00 

Rolly & Luc Faminiano, New Jersey  ----------------------     100.00

Joe & Luisa Lero-Fallurin, Nevada  ------------------------     100.00

Gil & Tess Ty-Fajiculay, New York-------------------------     100.00

Billy & Mercy Tolentino-Fajiculay, New York  ----------     100.00

Ambring & Mila Fajiculay-Fruelda, New York----------      100.00

Rey & Nida Fajilago-Faminiano, New York  -------------    100.00

Dr. Glen & Marylou Fallurin-Cabrera, New Jersey -----    100.00 

Freddie Roseman, New York  -------------------------------    100.00

Michelle Fajilago-Roseman, New York  -----------------     100.00

Lita & Christy Fondevilla, New Jersey    -----------------       50.00




The said amount was forwarded to the proponent and West Coast Coordinator Nilda Famorcan-Telfezian, who, in turn, will forward the gross amount to Celia Famorcan in Romblon for the purchase of rice. 


For the West Coast, the amount of Two hundred fifty ($250.00) dollars was contributed by Nilda Famorcan-Telfezian bringing the total collections to One thousand five hundred ($1,500.00) dollars.  



Merry Christmas to everyone!


We received information from Simara that the distribution of the Christmas 'rice' Gift was completed on January 14, 2010.


The outcome of the 2009 RANAS & Beyond! campaign was obviously greater than the 2007, and that of last year due to the heartfelt participation of USec Bernie Fondevilla, a first cousin of the RANAS proponent, Nilda Fondevilla Famorcan. He shared thirty (30) sacks of rice for this purpose.


Aside from Usec Fondevilla, Cecilia Famorcan as always, and another one Nestor Fajilago heartily extended financial help too.


Data showed that the number of recipients this year reached more than one thousand (1,000) families.

The pictures posted by Atet Fajarillo on the Main Menu Photo Gallery of this site are visible proof of such increase.


Inspiring to note also is the fact that more relatives in Simara of the contributors/participants here shared their efforts in the preparation and distribution, among other activities in this regard. 


The acronym RANAS which stands for Rice Assistance from North America - Simaranhons is willfully coined to reflect the Simaranhon word ranas implying experience -- experience to share something good, either in goods or services, or both; and, for the recipients to experience what is good in fellow Simaranhons, even in a small way...!


As an invitation particularly to Simaranhons anywhere -- inside and outside of North America -- the word Beyond! was added; and, since this gift has been carried out during the Christmas season, it is season-ally called Christmas 'rice' gift!


This year's participation of Simaranhons and others  who are outside of North America gave substance to the word Beyond! and, at the same time, generates optimism that more, and more Simaranhons -- especially -- will participate as we move forward!


Thank you all.     






Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 February 2010 13:46  


0 #1 Guest 2009-12-26 21:55
kamusta sa tanang Simaranhon buko yang reli sa North America kundi pati sa tanang rugo et mundo.

imaw kali kada RANAS & Beyond! ka tawag reli sa rice 'Christmas' gift para sa Simara.

kapaypa nak sa paabuton nak mga tuig/paskwa ay rumamo ka ato kasimanwa nak magrawat et partisipasyon meski sa maisot yang nak halaga, dahil kung halin sa maramo ag ipisan ay marako ra gihapon...

maramong salamat!

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