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Postby ambring » Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:46 am


The oath-taking ceremony and inaugural rite for the newly elected municipal officials of our island – Simara, had already taken place.

Whoever are the winners, whatever political parties they belong, “how”ever way they garnered victory, oath-taking ceremony and inaugural rite will certainly come along.
Oath is very significant, taking the meaning seriously depends on the taker. In an actual event, the oath is done by an officiating person, and the taker practically parrot the phrase(s) while raising the right hand aesthetically and proudly high.

Inaugural rite marks the official start of public service by the elected officials as representatives of the people - government by the people, for the people, of the people - not only the electorate who voted for them voluntarily, or enticed to vote for due to other factors.

Oath is so important that I hope that piece of paper was not crumpled, folded, or thrown away.
I suggest that you put it in a frame, or laminate it, then place it in a spot where you can see and read it every day. More likely than not, you understand not much about it during the oath-taking ceremony; therefore, read it in the privacy of your home, by yourself so you will have that peace of mind to contemplate what it really is all about.

If during the campaign period, there was an instance when you were tempted/actually did an act tantamount to qualify as “buying” your way to victory, be sincere about the last sentence in the oath,
“So help me God.”

Simara is a small island with fifteen (15) barangays. Residents practically know one another – old and young, young and old – for which reason crime is not a part of daily news. But, why political campaing-ing seems too challenging?!

Obviously historical, after the winners had been declared, many Simaranhons had noticed that most – if not all – came from Barangay Ilijan. Indeed, they are fruits with roots deeply anchored in
Barangay Ilijan. I am from Barangay Ilijan, and under normal circumstances I am proud, should be proud of any event eventful for Barangay Ilijan. Hopefully, with this composition, you will not flood Barangay Ilijan of government programs and projects. You are elected officials of the entire municipality so the blessings must be shared equitably to all barangays.

But, it would be nice if you could extend assistance to NICE – Networking Ilijan Community Endeavors, under the leadership of Head Teacher Albert Factor.

LET US take pride being Ilijanons!

By the way, how many of you did not buy vote(s)?

If you did, or not, hopefully, you could play instrumental role in Simaranhons’ CARE – Simaranhons’ Common Advocacy Reforming Elections within Simara, under the initiative/group of
Johmy Fajilan.

WE do not need to wait for Election 2016 to launch it!
The coming elections for Barangay, and Kabataang Barangay Officials will test our resolve to witness elections free from irregularities – vote buying and the like.

I would love to read comments – clean, flowing from the heart filtered by rationality!
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