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Simara SEED...

Postby ambring » Sat Feb 02, 2013 9:08 pm

Simara SEED

First week of February is historically significant to Simara and for Simaranhons!

February 2 marks the foundation day of Corcuera Academy, the pioneering secondary school in Simara/Municipality of Corcuera; this historic school is now the Corcuera National High School.

February 3 is the day in our history – Simaranhons’ – that we can call as
Simaranhons’ Independence Day from Banton since 1931.

At this instance, our focus concerns February 2.

During the Golden Foundation Anniversary in 2010 of our alma mater Corcuera Academy, then Mayor Eddie Fondevilla Mazo signed
Proclamation No. 01 s. 2010, proclaiming not only to fellow alumni, fellow Simaranhons but to all, February 2, 2010 and every 2nd day of February thereafter as SECONDARY EDUCATION EVENTFUL DAY (SEED) FOR SIMARA AND SIMARANHONS!

This Proclamation is historic in its own right making the Golden Foundation Anniversary doubly historic!

Giving due significance to this measure, Eleazar Mirasol Famorcan, Souvenir Program Chair/Editor, put the topic SEED of Simara, Eventful February 2 as opening page of the Souvenir Program. Wish every graduate got a copy; having one is priceless, the amount you paid monetarily for it regardless!

On his part, then Principal Melchor “Ontoy” Mirasol Famorcan initiated the historic SEED formation of all faculty members and students in a special flag-raising ceremony. On this one, we put our hands over our hearts, and even raise our right hands in salute to its brilliance.

The Golden Foundation Anniversary is undeniably historic, and for everyone to share something in a historical way is priceless!

Since then, February 2, 2011, February 2, 2012, had passed; now, February 2, 2013, is at hand!
Mam Lucin, any news?!

Some say, “no news is good news.”
NOT, at all times…
NOT on this one, our beloved alma mater!?

ANY news from her is for us GOLDEN news!
WE miss the time of then Principal Ontoy Famorcan…
Nabuyong kami 'tong nabalitaan namo nak sida ay naghalin
bilang Principal et ato alma mater...

Kapwa alumni, kapwa Simaranhon, kamusta?
Sabligue baga ninro kami et balita tungor sa ato alma mater…

congratulations mayor rachel for leading an activity celebrating the birth of our municipality;
maado tan-a kung enggwa et caption kag mga pictures...

mam lucin and staff:

regarding february 2, for our alma mater, we suggest the following:

1. as initiated by then principal melchor 'ontoy' mirasol famorcan, the special 'seed' formation on a dedicated
flag-raising ceremony merits sustained practice; explain to the students what it is and impress upon them its
historical significance;

2. when we visited our alma mater last september 2012, we saw a good quantity/copies of our souvenir program
during our goldern foundation anniversary; since not all students visit the library regularly, to put two (2) copies
in every classroom will provide opportunity for more students to browse the contents, and, hopefully, get something
beneficial in doing so.


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